The Top 5 Reasons Why Tech Founders Need to Master the Skill of Hiring

May 30, 2023 4 Min Read

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Hiring well is a niche skill that tech founders need to develop if they want their organisation to succeed.

The tech world moves at an alarming rate, so it stands to reason that tech founders – and their talent – need to operate in a way that means they can anticipate new changes and react to unexpected developments at speed. 

Recent months have seen mass layoffs for the big tech companies such as Meta, Amazon, Apple and Salesforce were among the most at-risk during the process.  These layoffs may have been a surprise to the industry, especially as in 2022, the biggest challenge was addressing the huge talent gap, with too few qualified people to fill an abundance of tech jobs. However, these layoffs are not representative of the overall industry, with demand for talent to fill tech jobs remaining at a high. It is, therefore, more important than ever that founders master the skill of hiring – and keeping- talent. 

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Every hire counts

In most cases, the future success of a startup can be predicted by the strength of the early team. Knowing who to hire, who can be developed, and who will be with you for the longer term will enable you to build a capable, cohesive team that enables you to take on the challenges that you will inevitably face. Conversely, if you make the wrong decisions in your early days, you will lose time and money that you most likely can’t afford to lose at a critical phase of your development. 

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Setting the tone

A strong organisation is made up of a variety of people. But when it comes to creating your core team as a start up, you need to make sure that your recruits fit your culture in every way, without compromise. If you fail to hire people that share your company’s beliefs and values at an early stage, you risk losing sight of your company’s identity.  

Your people are your future

When hiring for a startup, it is essential that you get a team of people who understand your vision and are equipped to support it. As a startup, investment is going to mean the difference between success and failure and your investors. And it is not necessarily your idea that they will invest in – no matter how great it is. Investors invest in people. Prove that you have a good team around you, and you are much more likely to get the investment that you need, when you need it. 

Foundations for growth

You don’t need to recruit directors from the start; a skilled hirer can spot raw talent and see how potential staff members will feed into the career pipeline in the future. An administrator may be your head of operations in five years’ time; your software developer may become a manager or even director in time. By hiring the right people from the start, you will have a solid team around you which you can develop as your needs evolve. 

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Reputation development

No matter how great your benefits are, if you have a reputation as a bad organisation to work for,  you have high turnover, it is going to be increasingly hard for you to attract the right people. By taking the time to hire well, you are more likely to hire once. 

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While anyone can hire new talent, hiring well is a niche skill and one that it is essential for tech founders to develop if they want their organisation to be a success. For many organisations, it can be beneficial for founders to play to their strengths and find a tech or a global recruitment agency that understands their values and can take the lead on recruitment so that the founders can focus on their core purpose and build a successful company.

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Shahin Fard is a CEO at Bravr.

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