Scicom: An Enriching Start

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Scicom welcomes fresh graduates who want to make a difference

It may have started out as a humble call centre in 1997, but today, Scicom (MSC) Bhd stands proud as a renowned business process, outsourcing avenue which supports customers from 89 countries globally.

This enterprising entity with a workforce of 3,000 employees has been listed in the Global Services Top 100 Companies for six consecutive years.

Catering to a diverse group of clients, Scicom’s services comprise integrated outsourcing (business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing) solutions, IT outsourcing, software application development, e-commerce solutions, strategic operational consulting and marketing services, back office processing and a host of training and education products in customer and service management.

“We strive to provide top-notch quality services to all our customers from all parts of the world.

“In line with this, we are focused on moulding a capable and innovative workforce that will be able to take our customers by storm in ensuring a fulfilling and satisfying journey with Scicom,” says Shanti Jacqueline, senior vice-president, human resources, learning and development and total quality management.

Employees come first

Having won the Best Employer category (gold) at the recent Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management HR Awards, Scicom attributes its third win as “Employer of Choice” to its belief that in addition to robust strategies, leading edge IP and inspiring leadership, its sustained business performance and growth are driven by capable people who are motivated to make a difference every day.

“Our culture, values, policies and people programmes all consistently demonstrate our acknowledgement that employees are critical contributors to the success of our organisation,” explains Shanti.

“At Scicom, a career opportunity is available as soon as you graduate. We believe that everyone has his or her own special skill set and all you need to do is find it with us.

“With us, you can embark on an interesting and fulfilling career that will provide you opportunities to excel in various functions of the business. First preference is always given to employees with the right skills and attitude, whenever there is a vacancy.”

According to Shanti, once an employee has completed a tenure of 12 months in a role, he or she can explore opportunities in other roles across the organisation.

“All our young graduates want to be successful, however, the road to success may not always be a clear, straight one. Many of them need to be steered towards the right direction and with Scicom’s structured career pathway, our employees are equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to embark on their successful journeys.”

The 3Cs people philosophy

Scicom has a unique people philosophy – the 3Cs which stand for care, career development and compensation – that provides employees with a nurturing and enabling environment to bring out the best in them as an individual and a professional.

Some of the key 3C-based initiatives are:

  • Robust and transparent HR policies and procedures.
  • Market-competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Objective/KPI driven performance and reward process.
  • Structured employee communications programmes.
  • Talent assessment, recognition and development programmes.
  • Equal employment opportunities.
  • Job rotation and enrichment programmes.
  • People management workshops.
  • Technology enabled HR tools.
  • Caring, enabling and rewarding culture.

Mad for Scicom

At Scicom, all employees are aligned to a common framework based on the philosophy of Making A Difference (MAD). This framework enables all of its people to speak one common language, share common values and establish a common purpose of being which eventually drives value creation in the areas of profits, service delivery, capability building, employee engagement and social responsibility which guides them towards achieving the company’s goals.

With its vision of providing “Total Customer Delight”, Scicom is committed to building a dynamic, robust and skillful workforce that will build a solid and lasting relationship with its wide range of clients throughout the world.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 6 December 2014

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