Are Your People Taking Their Training Seriously?

Jul 14, 2017 1 Min Read

Why you should not treat attending a workshop as a ‘holiday’

“What are the facilities at the venue? Is it a four or five-star hotel?” If these are the first questions you ask when being assigned for an out-of-office training course, then you are in it for the wrong reasons, according to a top Malaysian trainer Selvaganabathy SG, affectionately known as Selva.

“I had a friend once who told me that he was going for a holiday at a five-star hotel in the centre of Kuala Lumpur,” said Selva.

“It turns out that his company was sending him for some upskilling training, but he was looking at it as an easy opportunity to get out of the office for a few days.”

Selva has seen it all through his work as director of PSG Infotech, where a litany list of ISO-certified training and workshops across the industries has earned him a good reputation.


For leaders: know why you are sending your people for training

Sending an employee for upskilling is about much more than hitting key performance indicators (KPI) or having a more engaged workforce.

It is of the utmost importance that HR leaders and department heads recognise what the course is and why they are sending some of their best talent out of the office for a few days.

If this isn’t communicated properly to those attending the sessions, it can often lead to a complacent attitude, in which attendees sit doughy-eyed through the training with ultimately nothing new to bring back to the office.

“You can spot the people that are there for the wrong reasons because the questions they ask are not related to the course material,” said Selva.

“They spend the first day asking ‘what time is lunch’, ‘how long are our breaks’ and ‘when can I check into my room’. They come in late, leave early and believe that just turning up is all that is expected of them.

It is each department head’s duty to ensure that their workers are fully equipped for the challenges of the business and recognise that training is not just “attending” a workshop, but getting something productive out of it that they can then bring back into the company.”

As a leader, you send your best employees for training because you want them to be change agents in the business.

You want them to be upskilled so that they are able to contribute more to the company’s future dealings and you have high hopes for their potential.


For employees: know what you want to get out of it

The concept of lifelong learning has become a real buzzword for HR professionals globally and the need to upskill and reskill staff is greater than ever.

Today’s fast-paced corporate landscape harbours a constant need for human capital development in order to keep up with the times and remain competitive.

“What people learnt in university or other formal education facilities may no longer be relevant in today’s world with new practices introduced constantly,” said Selva.

“You instantly become more valuable to your organisation with each new skill and qualification that you acquire and that is why it is so important for employees to take their training seriously.”

If your organisation marks you out for upskilling, it is imperative that you make the most of the opportunity and get as much as you can out of the session.

Selva’s primary area of expertise is in the medical and pharmaceuticals industries and he recognises that keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and theories is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

With programmes dedicated to all the challenges faced by modern organisations, PSG Infotech offers courses in everything, from a wide range of ISO Technical series such as 13485, 50001, 22301, 27001; intermediate and advanced GMP courses; talent acquisition to leadership development and performance appraisals.

PSG Infotech provides the tools necessary to help companies achieve their business results by developing skills and modifying the behaviour of employees. Selva and his team provide value added services to close the performance or skill gaps in today’s marketplace. To learn more about PSG Infotech and how they can upskill your workers, visit






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