Taylor’s Education Group: A Career With A Purpose

Nov 13, 2015 1 Min Read

Photo above: Taylor’s Education Group senior vice president of group human resources Janet Lui (fourth from right) with her team of HR heads and recruiters.


Making a positive impact With Taylor’s

In today’s rat race, have you ever wondered if you could build a career that positively impacts and shapes the next generation?

At Taylor’s Education Group, the organisation is committed to transforming lives through education, guided by its core purpose “to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community”.

In 2015, Taylor’s has once again emerged as the winner of Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers for the education sector.

Culture & engagement

The Group CEO, Datuk Loy Teik Ngan in his recent announcement of the 2015 employee engagement results explained:

“Our students are at the heart of our reason for being. We believe that they are best served by happy and engaged employees. We will continue to build a culture of constantly engaging both our students and employees to make Taylor’s a place of choice to be”.

At the centre of Taylor’s passion for inspiring development and growth lie the group’s core values, which drive the dedication, care, and commitment to excellence.

Corporate social responsibility

Employees are encouraged to contribute to a cause that they feel passionately about. Via its CSR website, “I.M.P.A.C.T.” (Inspirational, Meaningful, People-centred, Action-oriented, Community of Taylor’s), staff and students can share details about their CSR projects.

May Wong, Group CSR manager, states that: “It is through CSR that we can empower each employee to be committed and take pride in having significant meaning in their work.”

Furthermore, CSR is essential for employees as they act as role models to students through daily interactions. Vinitha Guptan, dean of Taylor’s Business School, seeks to cultivate a sense of civic engagement in her students.

As she puts it: “Change how a student sees the world; then empower them to change the world.”

Vinitha, recipient of the Group CEO’s Award for excellence in CSR, coaches the service learning component of the Taylor’s Education Group Internship Programme.

This component is an integral part of the internship where interns execute a community service project, reflecting on the impact they can have on others.

Work-life integration

Committed to building an enjoyable environment, Taylor’s has incorporated flexible work arrangements into its policy. This has helped Taylor’s to be an attractive employer for those who require some flexibility in their working hours.

At Taylor’s there are part-time professional opportunities as well, including academic roles. As Shara Tan, HR manager of Taylor’s Schools shares: “I first joined Taylor’s in HR, at Australian International School.

After my maternity, I had the support of my manager to transfer into a part-time role at corporate HR. When I was ready to move back into a full-time role, I was given another opportunity.

Today, eight years later, I am supporting the International School business again. I appreciate the opportunity Taylor’s has given me to build my career and allowing me to have work-life integration along the way.”

Learning & development

Being in the business of education, Taylor’s is committed to providing continuous professional and personal development for employees. There are dedicated teams focused on bringing best practice development, such as enabling employees to have the flexibility of “on-the-go” learning via its eLearning portal.

Taylor’s believes in life-long learning and employees having the opportunity to own their development and learn at their own pace.

Taylorians’ say

1. Caryn Lee, ICT manager at Garden International School

Caryn Lee

I joined Garden International School (GIS) in 2010 for the unique career development opportunities I felt I would find here. Since then, it has been a great 5-year journey for me.

I have had the opportunity to work with and lead GIS’s team of young and passionate IT heroes. I vividly remember our celebration of success when the school received the Apple Distinguished Program award in early 2015.

Over my tenure here, I’ve had the opportunity to lead projects such as the “1-to-1 iPad Implementation”, “The Apple TV Classroom Implementation”, “The Transformation to Google School project”, “Electronic Door Access” and “Cashless Environment”.

While these projects have contributed to the growth of my skills and experience, I’ve also gained great satisfaction and fulfilment from seeing my accomplishments create an impact in providing quality education to the next generation.

It is very rewarding to see that my function here is not just limited to back office IT support but also impacting the learning experience for our students.

2. Alleyce pang yoke Fun, Teacher at Taylor’s International School Puchong

Alleyce Pang

Being a teacher at Taylor’s International School and previously Sri Garden for the past 23 years has given me great satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

I’ve had the opportunity to mould and mentor students not just academically, but also in their character. The role of a teacher has always been essential in being a positive influence on the next generation, in handling difficult situations sensitively and in formulating a plan – to bring a resolution to a problem.

I love to see students grow, develop and change, which is why I’ve also been a Team Leader for the SuperCamp, a seven-day motivational camp for teens, for the past decade. All these, together with the continuous development I receive, are essential elements for my long tenure with Taylor’s.

3. Nantha kumar Jeyaprakasam, Lecturer at Taylor’s College

Nantha Kumar

As a biology lecturer, my role is to enable learning beyond just classroom lessons and assessments. This is in line with Taylor’s College’s focus on students’ life skills and their overall well-being.

Last year, I managed to produce students who achieved Band A results and went on to receive offers to pursue their degree courses abroad in Australia and Hong Kong, to name a few.

I even managed to inspire some of my students to pursue a degree in Biomedical Science; the course that I did! It always feels great to know that I am able to make a real difference in my students’ lives.

This gives me a real sense of purpose and fulfilment. Taylor’s College provides a very enjoyable work environment; highly varied yet challenging and no two days are the same.

I also believe that the good relationships built provides me with a greater sense of satisfaction at work. All in all, I see my own achievement as parallel to my students’ success.

4. Nik norzehan nik mohamed, Recruitment consultant (HR) at Taylor’s University

Nik Norzehan

As a recruiter, I am tasked with identifying the right talents to be brought on-board. This is a crucial process as the contributions of these academics to the university would have a direct impact on the quality of teaching, which will ultimately influence students’ learning experiences.

I find my job inspiring as I have witnessed the impact brought by talented academics to students. At Taylor’s University, I have tapped into an array of opportunities for learning and development that have helped to enhance my knowledge and skills.

After pursuing a professional certification programme, I am now a proud certified HR practitioner. Apart from that, the working environment here which fosters a culture of excellence and open communication, allows me to work well with others, thus making it enjoyable.

For more information on a career with Taylor’s Education Group, write to career@taylors.edu.my. For more Company Profiles, click here. 

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