How Using Nano Influencers Can Help Your Brand Target the Right Consumers

Apr 24, 2023 5 Min Read

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Nano influencers have officially taken their place in the social media influencer ecosystem, and have continually proven to be important assets to brands. The significance of influencer marketing cannot be denied, as Statista notes more than 16.4 billion USD was spent on influencer marketing in 2022.

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While it may seem apt to reach out to bigger names in the industry, it’s actually much more profitable today to tap into the nano market. Nano influencers will usually end up with lower fees for their services while providing you with some of the most promising KPIs when aiming for consumer conversions.

Take a look at some of the ways nano influencers can help you build your brand and target the right consumers.

Creates More Engagement

One of the most significant reasons you will want a nano influencer promoting your brand is because they tend to have even higher engagement rates than micro-influencers. In fact, there is a tendency for nano influencers to have the best overall engagement rates across different platforms. You can expect around 3.5% to 8.8% engagement, with even higher rates if you are mindful of who in particular you work with.

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According to Upgraded Points, nano influencers are categorised as such if they have 10,000 or fewer followers. Their audience tends to take on more of a community feel, therefore you can expect more interactions from the people that follow said influencers. It’s worth noting that around 70% of teenagers trust influencers more than they do mainstream celebrities. Even if your target demographic goes beyond that age group, you’ll find that nano influencers end up having more of a rapport with their audience and generate interest in what they post about.

Fosters Authenticity

One of the ‘5 Things That Brands Should Be Doing on Social Media’ is to be real. It goes along with creating content that brands remain transparent and create an authentic image that consumers feel they can trust. Reports on consumer perceptions reveal that more than 70% of consumers feel that brand trust is more important now than it was before.

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As you are facing a more discerning audience that is used to using ad blockers and feeling wary of companies, it helps to have a relatable and friendly face that they can rely on and believe. It’s the same ideology that makes products on e-commerce sites more profitable when they have plenty of legitimate reviews. If you want consumers to see you as real, you’ll want to tie yourself to nano influencers that give exactly that vibe.

Great for Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today. Instead of just casting a random wide net, you can actually reach out to your ideal customers and gain better insights. You also have a better chance at creating conversions when you opt for localised marketing.

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Again, nano influencers come in very handy in this regard because they inherently have a strong localised following. Their presence is impactful enough to garner enough attention within a specific subset of people that are more likely than not within the same area or region as them. This is a great way of building awareness with the local community.

Pinpoints Niche Interests

As you try to create a real connection with your target consumer base, you’ll want to invest in ‘Crafting Your Personal Brand Story for Social Media’. More than simply establishing a presence, you also need to create content that your audience values and make sure you have genuine values baked into a clear narrative. This improves audience retention and ensures that you can tap into niche interests that will bring you conversions.

Who better to tap into niche interests than a nano influencer? You’ll find a fostered community with less media competition if you have an active influencer in this category. It’s great for tapping into their expertise in that field, and it can also create a sense of passion for whatever craft or interest they have that trickles down to your own brand story.

Sustains Long-Term Relationships

You don’t want to be the brand that gets hyped for a while and then falls off over time. Brand loyalty can be much more valuable in the long run than a viral moment. Nano influencers excel in promoting long-term relationships as they engage with their audience and create content that people actually come back to. You’ll find higher engagement rates here because not only is there a smaller pool, but this is usually made up of users that particularly want the influencer’s content on their feed.

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When you tap into selective markets like this that are there for the long haul, you can have an easier time developing brand loyalty. Because nano influencers have a more personal connection and drive word of mouth, you can reel in more people into trusting and sticking with your brand beyond a one-time purchase.

Promotes Inclusivity

The last thing you want, especially if you’re a growing brand, is to foster exclusion. If the biggest markets feel like your brand is “not for our people”, this can develop a negative perception of your brand and hurt profitability. When you tap into nano influencers, you ingratiate yourself with different communities as you partner up with the people they can see themselves in.

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You can be very strategic when you create a campaign with nano influencers, bringing in diverse content creators that can represent the values you want to establish as part of your brand.

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