Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Rising To International Standards

Mar 31, 2014 1 Min Read

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) which opened it’s doors in June 2005 is a nine -year-old establishment with a strong team of 320 employees. Striving to be an “Employer of Choice”, it is constantly pushing barriers with various employee initiatives and platforms.

These include an open-door communication policy, internal focus groups aiming to refine practised policies and procedures, and a culture of recognition and performance incentives deeply ingrained in the organisational fabric. Perhaps due to all these initiatives, the organisation enjoys an employee turnover rate of less than 2% annually.

The Centre encourages training and development so employees can grow both professionally and personally. Last November, it launched its Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP), an 18-month fast-track programme for high potentials individuals at the managerial, assistant managerial and senior executive level.

The talent acceleration programme for the Centre has been specially crafted with the objective of accelerating the growth of high potentials in line with the leadership pipeline. The first cohort consists of 25 team members across various functions within the organisation.

The programme places priority on developing people leadership skills, with elements of strategy and business acumen also infused. It aims to elevate the readiness and leadership capacity of upcoming centre leaders.

Though only four months into the programme, general manager Datuk Peter Brokenshire already observes increased energy levels in the participants, and an enhanced ability to grasp opportunities at the workplace.

“Overall, the TAP participants have embraced the programme enthusiastically, and management has high hopes for them and expects to see them succeed and move towards greater heights,” he says.

“I truly believe that our team is our most valuable asset. Without them, our achievements would not have been possible. Moving forward, they must continue to deliver value to repeat and new clients through innovative product offerings and world class service, an approach that has kept them at the forefront of people’s minds and continues to give them that competitive edge,” says Brokenshire.

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