AmBank Group Creates Platform For Inspiring Malaysian Success Stories

Mar 31, 2014 1 Min Read

On Oct 31, 2013, AmBank Group launched an initiative called Malaysia’s Résumé, a website that showcases Malaysians and their success stories. The website,, has recorded more than 110,000 visitors to date and currently houses in excess of 500 success stories of Malaysian individuals.

Think of it as a one stop shop for profiles of successful Malaysians in the categories of the Arts, Business, Community, Entertainment, Environment, Fashion & Style, Sports and Technology.

From singer, songwriter Yunalis Zarai (better known as Yuna) to the likes of fashion designer Zang Toi, Culture Run founder Su-Zen, the Genius Olympiad 2012 bronze medallist Sri Ahrivesh, artist Hong Yi and Muhammad Zhariff Affandi, who overcame his disabilities to be awarded 2011 Youth of the Year Award in the 2011 Perdana Youth Awards, the website houses stories of Malaysians from all walks of life.

“This is an important part of AmBank Group’s repositioning as one of Malaysia’s modern financial solution partners, a partner that understands Malaysian society and can connect with our customers,” says Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Chairman, AmBank Group.

The Group, which prides itself in being a people-centric organisation, believes in duly acknowledging individuals and celebrating successes. This depository is a reflection of that same commitment to their employees.

To AmBank Group, Malaysia’s Résumé is but one example of its commitment to appreciate deserving individuals, a practice that also includes employees who are central to the success of the Group.

Praises for unsung Malaysian heroes

All Malaysians are invited to contribute stories to this growing repository, and AmBank Group stresses that it isn’t only for well-known Malaysians.

“Users can contribute articles about people they consider successful contributors to Malaysia,” says Ashok Ramamurthy, Group Managing Director, AmBank Group.

“Showcasing people and their achievements on celebrates their success and their achievements, which is in line with AmBank Group’s mission of ‘Connecting. Growing. Outperforming’.”

It views this initiative as an opportunity to highlight valuable contributions that individuals have made to the nation that may otherwise go unnoticed.

As for what the Group defines as “success”, it recognises that success has many measures, hence the creation of multiple categories.

“As long as someone has created value that helps the country and inspires their fellow Malaysians, they should be featured on Malaysia’s Résumé,” says Ashok.

“We want to put emphasis on the fact that it doesn’t take a successful entrepreneur or a celebrity to be considered as an inspiring individual on Malaysia’s Résumé.

“Inspiring stories are all around us if we choose to see and recognise it. We hope that through this platform, we’re creating opportunity for those stories to be shared and heard.”

For AmBank Group, Malaysia’s Résumé represents the success and achievements of Malaysians that the country can be proud of.

“We hope that Malaysia’s Résumé will be the one portal for everyone, Malaysian or otherwise, to visit when they need a good Malaysian story,” says Ashok.

BY MALAYSIANS, OF MALAYSIANS, FOR MALAYSIANS hosts a wide array of stories of inspirational Malaysians. Two AmBank Group customers share their thoughts on the site:

Amir Faiz, 31

“I think is a great platform for aspiring young Malaysians.

“They can go through the website and learn about other Malaysians who are successful in what they do.

“These success stories are a source of inspiration and a unique hub that Malaysians can be proud of.”

Melissa Yeoh, 26

“Malaysia’s Résumé somehow attracts me to find out more about Malaysian success stories.

“I find it inspiring and I’m proud that there is such a platform to publish the great stories of these talented individuals.

“It is a source of encouragement to Malaysians who aspire to be successful, as well as those who are already successful. It reminds us that there is a lot to be proud of.”

For career opportunities with AmBank Group, please visit Click here for more articles.

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