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What is an effective manager? What characteristics should he/she possess to be called as one?

Today, organisational stress is just one of the challenges managers experience at work. If it’s not resolved in the long run, it can lead to many issues such as poor job performance, employee burnout, disengaged employees, profit loss and increased costs in health, retraining of new hires, etc.

In very highly stressful organisations, some people have even ‘worked to their death’. In Japan, this is termed karoshi.

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Some of the steps to take to reduce organisational stress is to increase the level of communication between leaders and the people they lead. Feedback ought to be given often in both ways, i.e. from the leader and to the leader.

To engage the hearts and minds of employees, leaders need to adopt transformational leadership style as it focuses on the development of the people, as well as the growth of the organisation as a whole.

Check out the infographic below:


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Infographic first appeared on Pepperdine University Online.

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