Infographic: 3 Practical Steps To Create A Great Brand Name

May 04, 2017 1 Min Read

So, you and your friends have decided to create an app that feeds you the content you really need, minus the advertisemment. The app has great gamification elements that allows you to interact with people in a virtual setting, plus other cool features other apps in the market don’t have.

You have thought out a detailed business plan on how you and your team want to go about making this happen. You’re well prepared with the cost that’s involved to kick start this tech project. You have a clear idea on its cost and marketing plans, all documented in your proposal ready to be presented for any interested investors out there.

The problem?

You and your friends cannot agree on a name for the app. Should you name it, “GilerBest”? Or “Cooly”? “Feedly”? “Gummify”?


Nailing the brand name

Developing a brand name is critical – and not an effort to be taken lightly. If you get it right, you can drive revenue, and steer people to use your products or services.

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But what makes a name great?

Check out the infographic below to learn how to create a great brand name.

steps to brand a name

All the best in giving an impactful brand name that stands out from your competition!


What do you think of “Leaderonomics” as a brand name? Comment or write to us at Share with us some of the brand names you love or loathe, and why. For more Top 10 articles, click here. For more infographics, click here.

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