Boss, I Need You to be Clear:Why New Projects Fail

Aug 24, 2021 6 Min Video
failed project
Why New Projects Fail

In order to accommodate your busy schedule, I am creating a series of YouTube shorts (video clips not more than 60 seconds). I find this interesting as it forces me to be concise in my thinking and articulation. 

As a kick-off, I am launching a series of videos directed to bosses (but employees really need to hear as well). If "quality of relationship with direct supervisor" ranks as the number one factor determining employee engagement, then bosses need to seriously consider the feedback and complaints coming from those who work for them.

We need more bosses who take care of the worker, and not just the work. Think about it.

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Tags: Alignment & Clarity

Joseph is a Leaderonomics faculty trainer who is passionate about engaging with leaders to transform culture in organisations. Previously, he was CEO of Leaderonomics Good Monday. He is currently based in the United States

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