Great Leaders Go Beyond The Obvious

Jun 05, 2015 1 Min Read


What differentiates top companies? Going from good to great

Compiled by KAREN NEOH

A recent study by Aon Hewitt – Top Companies for Leaders, found that what characterised these top companies in the past, including competencies, organisational values, accelerated learning programmes, engagement dashboards, diversity scorecards, are no longer distinguishing factors.

Leading companies that went beyond the obvious took six differentiating key strides (please see the diagram).

Top Companies

Leaders do more than the obvious

Are CEOs ready to lead top companies? What differentiated companies before, have become the norm today. For companies to keep raising the bar, our leaders have to be “engaging leaders” that go above and beyond to create an environment conducive for nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

Source: Great Leaders Go Beyond The Obvious 2015, Aon Hewitt

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 6 June 2015

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