6 Ways An IT Company Can Help Improve Your Sales

Jun 28, 2022 1 Min Read
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Find out how an IT company can rake in more money!

Because of technological advancements, businesses in diverse industries rely on it for their daily operations and tasks. Today, almost all scales and sizes of companies recognise the need to boost the functions and productivity of their IT department. While they may start doing everything independently, they soon realise many tasks demand too much time and money. And this is when they begin to hire an outsourced IT company to support them instead.

However, a managed IT service company promises more benefits than just IT support. In fact, they can help your bottom line and yield a boost in your business sales. Many IT businesses today have trustworthy portfolios, and by applying an IT marketing strategy developed by Jumpfactor and others, they can reach out to more clients than ever.

Keep reading to understand the different ways that an IT company can rake in more money for your business.

Improved System Performance 

Any company needs to ensure that their systems are running perfectly for their clients to have a pleasant experience and purchase from you. An IT specialist can improve a business’s system performance. By hiring reliable IT-managed services, you’ll continue to have a system without hiccups and hurdles.

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While your IT team can predict significant problems in the system, some trivial issues can be ignored and procrastinated to be solved. This won’t be the case when you outsource your IT. The team of experts will fix any bug or issue and configure everything so your system can perform perfectly. This will lead to better customer satisfaction and more sales for your business. A consistent, flawless, and easy-to-navigate system will attract more guests and visitors, so your chances of closing a sale are higher.

Decreased Downtimes

According to https://www.attentus.tech/managed-it-services-seattle, business downtimes are inevitable for any organisation. Unfortunately, even the shortest downtime can lead to huge losses for your business. Due to this inherent liability, it only makes sense to figure out how to reduce downtime and then implement the measures necessary for doing so. This applies to both product- and service-based businesses.

Even if all your hardware and software systems are being controlled and monitored by your internal IT team, there can still be loopholes that they might not be able to detect or tackle. The truth is they have more tasks to tend to, and they’re relatively more reactive than proactive, so they won’t be able to keep an eye on everything in your system constantly. These tiny spaces for error can lead to business downtime at any time. And to avoid this circumstance, your internal IT department should focus on their crucial tasks and leave the rest to an outsourced managed service provider.

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Ultimately, your goal is to generate the most uptime for your business. The managed IT support provided by the professionals is crucial for keeping the IT systems of your company running all the time. Your company must be prepared for all eventualities. The damage can be unimaginable, and there are hidden costs of downtime. When your business can react to any downtime more efficiently, your business sales won’t be reduced and affected that much.

Risks Are Calculated And Audited

Another way for your business to increase sales with the help of an IT service company is that they effectively calculate, manage, and audit risks. This is the most crucial initiative to consider if you want to mitigate risks better. Any business threat can undermine your business growth and affect your finances.

As a result of a risk audit, your managed service provider checks everything and forecasts the obsolescence of hardware and software in the future. They can see which needs to be updated, replaced, and taken down. Information technology is rapidly changing, and your system should always be at par with modern IT settings to generate more sales. Customers would want to purchase from constantly updated businesses to the latest version of things. Your IT infrastructure can be kept up-to-date by regular replacement/upgrades based on the risk audit. These can be planned into a budget, avoiding sudden expenditures.

24/7 IT Services Availability

Customer experience is crucial to ensuring business sales. When your employees are struggling with bugs or viruses, they won’t be able to communicate or engage with your customers online. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction and business loss. To prevent that, hiring a managed service provider allows your customer service representatives and salespeople to gain access to 24/7 IT support who can help them resolve any issue with the system while working.

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Managed IT services can help you no matter what the problem is. All your IT needs will be taken care of, so there will be no annoying bugs or glitches. No matter how early or late it is, your outsourced tech support will always be available to assist your internal staff. Finally, this leads to higher conversion rates for your business. When your sales team doesn’t suffer from system downtimes, they can focus more on selling and providing the best service to your clients.

Improved Network Security

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to any cybercrime activities. No one is susceptible or exempted from this. Having lax security makes you an easy target for hackers, which will lead to a massive loss for the business. When your customer data and information are compromised, this will lead to a disastrous situation where you lose the trust of your customers. It can even cause some to file a lawsuit against you. All these negative possibilities will lead to business loss.

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To ensure that your business sales won’t be affected, you must prevent data breaches and provide the most reliable network security. A managed service provider can help you achieve that goal.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Managed services can also lead to higher revenue for your business, depending on the type of business that you have. When you apply effective customer service strategies and your internal system is more efficient, customer satisfaction also gets higher. Customers will be more likely to work with your business again, leading to more sales and additional business.

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Since you have the pros ready and steady to troubleshoot any issue, your business can focus on more important things to grow your business. As a result, the company will be able to better compete with other businesses, resulting in higher revenues.


Managed IT services have so many ways to benefit your bottom line. Aside from ensuring that your internal IT systems are failproof, they can lead to boosted sales through the methods mentioned above. In a cost analysis, you’ll find that maintaining your own IT staff has a more significant ROI than hiring managed IT experts. Save your team from all the complex hassles and focus more on growing your business.

About Author: Joshua Cheng is a business writer covering topics on startups, sales, and business innovations. On his days off, he enjoys walking his dog and going on hikes at his local hiking trail.
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