Better Business Future: A Beginners Guide To Power BI

Nov 02, 2021 8 Min Read
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Power BI is an efficient Business Intelligence tool! Power BI is user-friendly!

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Business Intelligence (BI) is the strategy used to turn raw data into valuable insights for businesses. It usually requires large amounts of structured and unstructured data to be analysed by teams of highly skilled professionals. Once the data has been appropriately analysed, it can be presented in various ways such as dashboards, reports, and other visuals.

What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics tool that allows clients to create reports and dashboards across their organizations easily. It's composed of several services and products working together to analyse and visualise their data quickly. This allows businesses to take a proactive role in their analysis rather than waiting for experts to conduct it.

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Who Can Use Power BI?

Various industries use Power BI such as insurance companies, retailers, and healthcare providers. Executive assistants and managers also often use it to access and share reports within their respective departments easily. As long as an organization works with data, Power BI can analyse it and help them make better decisions. For instance, consider drill up and drill down in Microsoft Power BI, which businesses can skillfully use in their data analysis plans. These features act as a compass, leading users through the data's terrain and allowing you to zoom in for a closer look or pull back to understand the bigger picture as needed. These features offer a flexible approach to data navigation, whether it be an insurance company analyzing claim patterns or a retail manager tracking sales trends. Because Power BI transforms data into a dynamic narrative, it goes beyond simple data analysis and enables organizations to not only inspect but also fully understand their data, opening the door to wise decision-making.

To illustrate, data scientists and developers first work with the Power BI desktop. This free and self-service tool allows them to connect to data sources, build reports, and create visuals. These visuals are then uploaded to the Power BI Service, allowing other users to access them via web browsers or mobile apps.

Lastly, since these tools give people and organizations the ability to analyse data independently, they'll need to empower their employees on data breaches and other cyber security threats.

Advantages Of Using Power BI

Exploring the latest technology is one of the best ways to stay on top of your industry and show off your business's competitive advantage. Since Power BI is still a relatively new tool, it gives organizations the upper hand when it comes to accessing data. At the same time, they can make smarter decisions at a faster rate than their competitors, allowing them to take a lead role in the market.

Other advantages of using Power BI include:

Easy To Use

First, it's very easy to use, even for users with limited technical background or training in data analysis. Power BI is similar to other spreadsheet programs since both utilize and convert data to visuals. They also receive updates in their version. It means users with experience in these programs may not need to adjust too much when they use Power BI.

Power BI also allows users to change their data perspective by quickly switching between different visualization types. This helps businesses analyse specific parts of their operations in greater detail.


Because Power BI allows data scientists to connect to various data sources, all the team members can work simultaneously on the same data model. This scalability makes it easy to collaborate with team members without worrying about the compatibility of the tools they use.

Actionable Insights

One of the core concepts behind BI tools is to turn data into actionable insights for businesses. For example, you could visualise your company revenue by type of product and make it possible to download the specific data of their category or region easily. This way, your business can utilize the information to your particular needs. For example, it's easier to identify areas lacking or working, so you can adjust and design strategies accordingly.

Accessible Anywhere

Since Power BI is cloud-based, it's accessible from any device anywhere—even a tablet or smartphone. Thus, it allows collaboration across a variety of different teams and time zones. A Sales Manager could upload sales data in a meeting, and a Data Analyst could continue working on it from home while the CEO analyses the information during his commute.

Unlimited Amount Of Storage

Storage and speed constraints are major issues with most Business Intelligence tools. Some platforms prevent users from uploading large amounts of data that can limit the analysis of numerous reports. With Power BI, there’s no limit to how much data can be uploaded or processed. It gives users unlimited storage, so they won't have to worry about finding space for large data sets.

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Integrate Data From Different Sources Into One Dashboard

The ability to bring data from numerous different sources into one dashboard enables users to gain complete and accurate insights. Many Business Intelligence tools only allow for data analysis on a single platform, leaving gaps in the analysis. With Power BI, businesses can integrate data from various sources such as Excel Spreadsheets, SQL Databases, and other Business Intelligence platforms to create a well-rounded analysis.

Run Report Queries Easily

Sometimes, the technicality of Business Intelligence tools can be overwhelming for beginners. However, with Power BI, there’s no need to worry about the technicalities of querying and aggregating the data.

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Power BI is easy to use, even for inexperienced users. You don't need specialised technical support to run the platform as it uses natural language processing. You can run queries by typing them in plain English, and Power BI will provide you with your results.

Get New Ideas From The Growing Online Community

Sharing ideas is one of the best parts of having an online community. Power BI allows users to upload their queries and visualisations to an online community, which can help you find new insights for your business. Users can discover new datasets, connect to people with similar interests, and gain perspectives from the growing online community. Many users share their visual reports online, so there's always something new and exciting for every business to explore.

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Final Thoughts

Power BI is an efficient Business Intelligence tool that end-users can use, no matter their experience level. It provides unlimited storage and speed of data analysis for businesses and access from anywhere at any time. This makes it easy to collaborate with team members across a variety of different positions and geographical locations.

Power BI is user-friendly and can run queries without the specialised technical support required as it uses natural language processing. Furthermore, its cloud-based platform allows for flexibility and easy access to multiple data sources. Lastly, the sharing community is also an excellent place for businesses to discover new ideas and datasets.

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