AIA: An Engaged Workforce, A Successful Organisation

May 29, 2015 1 Min Read


“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their heart at home.” – Betty Bender

Engagement is attributed as the key to a successful organisation; but to bring together 1,500 employees on a road trip to celebrate their numerous successes?

AIA Bhd took on this tall order recently when their employees joined the AIA Red Hunt, a weekend of fun activities organised by AIA to create an opportunity for its people to foster new relationships and rekindle old ones.

After integrating its businesses in Malaysia over the past two years, the celebration of achievements and sharing of new directions was timely as AIA prepares to embark on its next growth phase.

“Before we move forward on our growth trajectory, we wanted to remind ourselves about what we have achieved together, and how achieving our vision of becoming the No. 1 insurer in Malaysia will only happen if we continue to work together as one team,” said Khim Tan, AIA Bhd’s chief human resources officer.

To drive the point home, AIA initiated one of the largest teambuilding activities on Batu Ferringhi beach for the AIA Red Colony. Over 50 teams of 20 employees completed a series of challenges designed in partnership with Leaderonomics, to promote effective communication and team work.

As more tasks were completed and more activities revealed (such as the Real Unity tree and the new AIA song), employees were proudly reminded of their commendable achievements as a team, and their efforts were affirmed, acknowledged and celebrated.

AIA employees also spread cheer onto the streets of Georgetown, by randomly handing out balloons and lollies to passersby, shopowners and tourists.

The celebration continued well into the night at the AIA Red Beach Party, where everybody had their fair share of great food and live entertainment.

Seeing these employees congregate together and enjoy each other’s company outside of office setting was an amazing depiction of an engaged workforce, something truly memorable that Khim was proud to witness.

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First appeared on Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 30 May 2015

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