6 Ways A Leader Can Develop Talents

May 12, 2017 2 Min Read
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Leaders face turbulent situations, diverse personalities, and multiple opportunities all while developing talent. Talent development is the best development and coaching-leaders passionately develop talent and deliver results at the same time.

Powerful conversations are the coaching-leader’s path to remarkable results. Coaching-leaders also focus on developing strengths and maximising capacity. Here are the six core coaching skills – adapted from a book titled Coaching for Engagement – that will help leaders develop talents through engaging conversations.

1. Self-awareness and energy management

  • Develop awareness of your energy state
  • Notice the impact of your energy on others
  • Manage energy before conversations. How are you approaching this conversation?
  • Monitor and manage energy during conversations. Watch for joy and frustration during powerful conversations

2. Curious questioning

  • Invite input and expect differing opinions
  • Seek to understand the values, assumptions, and goals of others
  • Pursue new ways of seeing by inviting others in

3. Open listening

  • Remain respectful when others speak. Reject personal assumptions and expectations
  • Listen for aspiration. What motivates them?
  • Watch body language and monitor emotions. How do they feel and what does that say about this topic?

4. Appreciative discovery

  • Look for untapped talents, strengths, and capabilities
  • Explore new options and opportunities for service
  • Generate enthusiasm by connecting with aspiration and motivation

5. Catalytic feedback

  • Talk about what’s working and what’s getting in the way
  • Set achievable goals and celebrate small wins
  • Reinforce positive behaviours with praise

6. Heightened engagement

  • Stay focused on results while building relationships
  • Define success together, agree on next steps, and how progress will be reviewed
  • Review progress, identify relevant learning, and celebrate achievement

Surprising strategy

Begin with self-awareness and end with heightened engagement. Approach the six core coaching skills as a sequential trail to a mountain peak. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which coaching skill has been most useful to you and how?
  • Which coaching skill is most challenging?
  • How might leaders develop it?


Reposted with permission on Leaderonomics.com

This article is also available in Chinese.

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