3 Life Lessons From Flowers

Jul 01, 2018 3 Min Read
life lessons from flowers, flowers blossoming
Flowers And What They Reveal To Us

Why do flowers exist? They exist so that others can live. The only reason flowers exist is for others.

Hence, they are prized, valued, admired, loved and are precious.

Considering how vital they are to life, here are three lessons we can learn from how a flower lives its life:

Flowers give out beauty

They are often found in various colours; adding beauty to our world, our lives, our homes, our weddings and our festivals.

You, too, can do this every day. Offer a smile to the people you meet, a “how are you” to a colleague, a compliment to your spouse – simple ways to become a beautiful bloom.

2. Flowers give themselves to others

The whole reason flowers exist is to produce pollen which is then used to produce other flowers and plants. They create life every day.
With your time, energy, ideas and resources, you can too.

Give a little to charity, help someone without seeking a reward, help educate a child, feed someone who is hungry, mentor a younger person, take a teaching class in a subject that you know well.

Give yourself to others and experience the enormous pleasure of creating a better life for someone else.

3. Flowers collaborate with everyone else 

To create life, flowers realise that they cannot do it alone. They need to collaborate with other ‘stakeholders’ in the universe to send pollen to all corners of the world.

They depend on the wind, insects, and birds – to spread their pollen.

The moment we realise that our success is a result of our relationships, and we invite others to come to our help, we start to accelerate our success.

We do this by actively listening to others, asking for their advice and support, inviting them to partner with us and acknowledging their contributions.

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Wrapping it up

Flowers play a vital role in the ecosystem and contribute greatly to the lives of others; they represent an embodiment of love. That is why there are a lot of quotes about flowers.

Let’s choose to emulate the lives of flowers. Let’s share our scent and our essence with the whole universe.

That’s the only way to live a beautiful and happy life.

Check out the video below on some life lessons learnt by some employees at Leaderonomics and how it has shaped them. We hope it inspires you.

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