M.A.D. Talk: The 6 P's to Making a Sustainable Difference | Ang Hui Ming

Nov 24, 2023 11 Min Video

Key Points Summary:

  • "Discover how Leaderonomics has impacted over 25,000 youths across Malaysia in 12 years."
  • "Explore the 6 P's: Passion, Pinning, Penning, Persevering, Positivity, and Praises & Pats."
  • "Learn the importance of pinning down your dreams and penning your ideas for sustainable impact."
  • "Gain insights into perseverance and positivity as key drivers for success."6 P's to Succeed in Life includes having passion, pinning a clear vision, penning your thoughts, and perseverance is crucial for creating a sustainable difference and shaping the future.

Key insights

  • 🌍 Focusing on youth leadership development is essential for transforming the nation and shaping the future.
  • 🌍 The impact of leadership development has reached over 25,000 youths in different schools over 12 years.
  • 6 P's to Success:
    • Passion
    • Pinning
    • Penning
    • Persevering
    • Positivity
    • Praises & Pats
  • 🔒 Pinning down your dream is crucial to making it a reality and creating a sustainable difference.
  • 📝 Pen down your ideas and passions to make a sustainable difference.
  • 🔥 Perseverance is key to making a sustainable difference - don't give up, keep pushing forward.
  • 🌟 "When you fall, have a seat, okay you persevere and you get up - get up all right if you fail again down. You don't just get up you rise up stronger."
  • 🌱 It's important to be positive throughout the journey of making a difference and to always celebrate successes by giving praises and a pat on the back.


Time Stamp and Summary of Video:

  • 00:00 Leaderonomics was founded to address economic and people challenges in Malaysia and aims to develop empathetic leaders who will transform the nation, with a focus on youth.
    • Leaderonomics was founded in response to the socio-economic challenges and high unemployment rates in Malaysia, with the goal of making a sustainable difference in the country.
    • Focus on leadership development to create empathetic, non-corrupt leaders who will build communities of love and transform the nation, with a specific focus on the youth.
  • 01:51 Leaderonomics has grown from 4 to 75 people in multiple countries, impacting over 25,000 youths in 12 years with the goal of reaching 2700 secondary schools in Malaysia.
  • 02:44 Leaderonomics has made a sustainable impact by mobilizing volunteers, training NGO and corporate leaders, and spreading leadership development through various platforms.
  • 03:46 Have a passion and a dream to make a difference, and then pin it down.
  • 04:39 Write down your ideas and passions to make a difference, whether it's on paper or recorded.
  • 05:56 Write down your dreams, put them into action, and persevere to make a sustainable difference.
  • 07:41 Persevere through challenges, bounce back stronger, and surround yourself with positive thoughts and people to make a sustainable difference.
  • 09:14 Partner with someone, persevere, and celebrate successes to make a sustainable difference in any project.


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Ang Hui Ming is the co-founder of Leaderonomics and is a living testament that words of affirmation and recognition can go a long way for a person’s personal and career development. She wants to make a dent in the universe by "transforming the nation" one person at a time

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