Leaderonomics Community Impact Report 2022

Apr 28, 2022 30 Min Read
Source:Leaderonomics Community

Since 2008, Leaderonomics Community and the MAD (Make A Difference) Movement has been and continues to be committed in empowering youths to become leaders within their respective communities.
Leaderonomics Community & the MAD Movement launched a 4-part survey with each targeting different audiences: Youths, Educational Institutions, Corporate CSR Leaders, and NGOs / Non-Profits.
The intention of the survey includes: 
●     Collecting real time insights that would contribute to the building and direction of Leaderonomics Community leadership programmes, 
●     Creating awareness in expanding the accessibility of such programmes amongst Malaysian young adults and youths — especially the B40 communities,
●     Providing perspective on current challenges faced and ways forward to address these based on insights gained from stakeholders involved in academics, Corporate CSR initiatives or NGO initiatives pertaining to youth development.

The 4-part survey had an overarching theme around Digital Readiness with each having a specific focus relevant to each target audience:
●     Leadership Development for Youths
●     Educational Programmes & Co-Curricular Activities for Educational Institutions
●     CSR Initiatives for Corporate CSR Leaders
●     Community Engagement Strategies for NGOs 

Overall, the survey garnered responses from over 400 youths across the ages of 13 to 25 years; 21 educational representatives from schools, colleges, and universities across 11 states of Malaysia; 15 Corporate CSR Leaders representing Malaysian businesses in some key industries such as financial services, and property investment & development; and 4 representatives from Malaysia-based NGOs / Non-Profits.  

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