HOME EP12: Role Models In Relation To Leadership

Sep 15, 2021 30 Min Podcast
Father and Daughter Playing the Piano

Welcome Home. In episode 12, host Eva Christodoulou talks to Zaid Mohamad, Founder, Author and Columnist of Smart Parents Network, about how role models relate to leadership and how parents can go about developing it a young age.

Collaborator Description:

Home is a show for parents anywhere, everywhere. A podcast series that aims to explore the heartfelt interaction between parents and their children, Home hopes to aid fathers and mothers as they navigate the realities of raising our future leaders. Home doesn't have all the answers, but gain insights from teachers, lectures and experts in the field of psychology that'll help you in your parenting journey. So what are waiting for, come back home. Home is hosted by Eva Christodoulou.

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Matthew Adam is a content creator and producer for Leaderonomics. He is also a psychology graduate who is very passionate about music and chocolate. In his free time, he compiles very detailed Spotify playlists while eating plain milk chocolate.

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