The Power of Contextual Trust in the Workplace

Jul 25, 2022 25 Min Podcast

Trust is the highest priveledge you can give and receive from a person.

Bird next to an open palm with food (Trust in the Workplace)
Trust in the Workplace

Trust is absolutely key in the workplace. However, some say trust is earned while others claim trust is given. So which one is it? How do you build trust in the workplace and what happens if that trust, once built, is broken? Listen and find out how organisations can better show trust in their employees. Vivian Po, Senior Partner at Necole (a Learning and Knowledge Experience Platform) and Learning and Engagement Consultant at Leaderonomics shares her thoughts on the subject.


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Vivian Po is a Senior Partner at Necole (a Learning and Knowledge Experience Platform) and Learning and Engagement Consultant at Leaderonomics. She's an incredibly fun person to work with and enjoys playing badminton in her spare time. She believes in disruptive learning and seeks to fulfil Leaderonomics mission of growing people into leaders, building communites of love and transforming the nation.


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