How to Inspire Your Followers

Oct 05, 2020 25 Min Podcast

Leadership is a decision, not a choice. - Simon Sinek

raise your game

The fastest way to build credibility among followers is to get stuck in, understand their concerns, and really relate to the day-to-day challenges they face. 

Followers, after all, need to be inspired.

Leaderonomics Strategic Partnership and Country Expansion Leader Arun Nagarajah cites Simon Sinek when he says that leadership is a decision. To inspire, leaders must make the decision be to present and have their presence felt among those they lead.

While some individuals naturally have this ability, Arun believes that everyone has the potential to become a great leader. He recently sat down with Christine Wong of BFM for an episode of Raise Your Game where they go over the many ways leaders can inspire their followers.

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Tags: Executing Leadership

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