Exploring The Nature of Competition

Jun 01, 2020 23 Min Podcast
The Different Forms and Types of Competition

When you think of competition, what comes to mind? Some of us may visualise it is as an opportunity to learn and grow, while others may see it as a chance to win and prove themselves. Regardless of how we perceive it, competition is essential to developing a winning mindset and confidence in both children and adults.

But what if it becomes unhealthy and toxic?

One way to identify this is to ask yourself or observe if there is respect or resentment for the opponent or competitor?

Ang Hui Ming; Co-founder of Leaderonomics dives deep into the nature of what competition is. Find out if it is inherently innate and the importance of being able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy competition.

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Tags: Performance Character

Ang Hui Ming is the co-founder of Leaderonomics and is a living testament that words of affirmation and recognition can go a long way for a person’s personal and career development. She wants to make a dent in the universe by "transforming the nation" one person at a time
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