What Happens To You When You Worry

Apr 25, 2016 1 Min Read
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Worrying Brings No Benefit

When you are stressed and worried at work, have you considered what is happening to you?

Three things are going against you when you worry. Let’s examine them one by one.

1. Stress

You are growing more stressed, worried and upset over whatever issue is troubling you. This might be shown in the form of anxiety, headache, angry emails and heated arguments with your better half at home. Its net benefit is zero. Its net cost is your health and happiness for the day.

2. Problem focus, not solution focus

All the worrying in the world cannot solve the issue. It can only create mental cobwebs that make things worse because they paralyse you from taking any action. The more you worry, the less work is done towards finding a solution.

3. Negative energy

Worry warts create negativity around them, leaving everyone stressed and drained out. Instead of getting co-operation, you get fatigued people reluctantly working towards your objectives.

Your turn

Does worrying get you anywhere? The answer is no. Instead, it drains your energy, moves you away from solutions and brings out the worst in everyone in the team.

Every time you catch yourself entering a worry zone, ask yourself:

  • What should I do?
  • What can be done?
  • What are my options?
  • What is my action plan?

Immediately you will find that the negativity will be replaced with a positive vibe, making you feel empowered to resolve the situation and to help others.

So, stop worrying! Start solving.

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