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“They thought it would be a disgrace to go forth in a group.
Each entered the Forest Adventurous at that point which he himself had chosen,
where it was darkest and there was no way or path.”
You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path.
Where there’s a way or path, it is someone else’s path;
each human being is a unique phenomenon.
The idea is to find your own pathway to bliss
-Pathways to Bliss, by Joesph Campbell
I have always thought the passage above so perfectly illustrates the type of quality I look for in a hero. If I have noticed one thing about myself, it is that my ideals of a hero reflect exactly the things I seek for within myself or around me. Maybe in a sense, to really know what we look for in life, we only need to imagine what our heroes (whether real or imagined) will be like.

In life, I have met many who inspire me. Yet, none inspire me as much as those who remain true to themselves and are not afraid to walk in the direction their truth points them to. My heroes are not so much those whose interests, work, achievements, or life relate to mine. Instead, my heroes are those who dare journey along a path that will lead them to their truth, even if they cannot yet see the curve of that path from where they stand. Those are my heroes, the ones who inspire me everyday.

What about you? Who are your heroes, what are they like, and do they embody any of the qualities you yourself seek? Share them with us at Leaderonomics, we’d love to hear from you. Click here for more articles.
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