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Feb 06, 2015 3 Min Read
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Now, when an interviewer asks a candidate a question during a job interview, it’s not merely to get an answer but to enable the interviewer to understand the interviewee’s personality, experience and approach to managing setbacks.

Here are some questions that you may be asked during an interview and what your answers may let on about you.

Question 1

Give me an example of a time you managed an obstacle that was deterring you from achieving your goal.

Motive: Your answer here could give your potential employer a clear picture of what you consider an obstacle. He/she would also be able to gauge your problem-solving style and how tactful you are at approaching issues that involve people.

Question 2

What methods would you take to improve on your skillsets for professional development?

Motive: Your answer here would show if you are empowered to look out for opportunities that would help you better yourself or if you are dependent on your employer to provide you with options. I am sure you know which is better.

Question 3

What would be the first thing you would do if hired for this position?

Motive: Your reply would show how much you understand about the requirements of the position and if you have done your homework by reading up on the organisation and the way it functions. This includes the culture too.

Being aware of the organisation and what it stands for makes a very good first impression to interviewers, and if you handle the questions well, you may have just landed your preferred job.

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