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1. “Anybody who has any love for this country and wishes to make it his home must give his complete and absolute loyalty.”

2.Love for the nation should be the hallmark of the population to ensure that the country’s sovereignty and stature are preserved.”

3. “The Constitution provides the framework for a happy and contented Federation. Let us make it work and build ourselves and our descendants a Shangri-La whereby we can all live in peace, happiness and prosperity.”

4. “Every one of us must respect each other’s rights and feelings, be tolerant of each other’s religions, customs and habits.”

5. “If you think you are rich, there are many who are richer than you. If you think you are clever, there are more people cleverer than you. But if you think you are honest, then you are among the few and in this instance, it is best to be among the few.”

6. “The Constitution is supreme and it must be upheld by all irrespective of class, creed or colour, it is also a permanent guarantee of stability and continuity in the life of this nation.”

7. “We must respect the wishes of the people. This is the very essence of democracy. Men in their official capacity with power vested in them should always be mindful of the feelings of others, particularly the small man.”

8. “We have worked together, and with the Rulers, have fought for and won independence for Malaya. Now we are able to walk with our heads up, and acclaim ourselves a free and independent people.”

9. “Life in this world is short. Let us make use of our lives in the pursuit of happiness and not trouble.”

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