Top 3 Apps That Help You Be More Productive

Apr 24, 2015 1 Min Read


In this day and age, smartphones can be seen as an extension of our lives that can help us get organised.

Of course, with an almost infinite variety of smartphones out there, it makes sense for there to also be an extensive range of applications.

With such a seemingly endless array of apps, it can be difficult to pick out the ones that best suit our needs and can help us organise ourselves in the best possible way.

These three apps are not only acclaimed by its mass amount of users, but they are also free and available for both Android and iOS users.

1. Pushbullet

Available on iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox, this free app can sync with your computer and display your phone’s notifications on your computer screen.

It also allows you to send files between your devices so everything can be made instantly available on your phone in case your laptop dies right before an important meeting.

2. Carousel

Need an app that can make organising pictures for presentations easy? Then, Dropbox’s Carousel is the perfect one for your phone!

This application, which is available for both iOS and Android phones, can automatically organise photos and videos in compressed galleries, which makes it easier to quickly put a presentation together.

3. Evernote

With its user-friendly interface, Evernote is an application that can help you store a lot of valuable information at the touch of a screen.

This app can be used for taking notes during an important meeting. Your notes will then be saved in your Evernote account, which can be accessed through your tablet, smartphone, and even your laptop or desktop computer.

Not only can you take and save notes efficiently with this app, you can also add audio notes and photos that can help make your notes more detailed.


With free apps like these on the market, there really is no excuse for us to be disorganised and forgetful at work. We are constantly connected to these apps through our smartphones.

Therefore, we should take advantage of this by utilising the best apps out there that can help us manage our lives.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 25 April 2015

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