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03-10-2014 | 1 Min Read

Arm yourself with skills taught by experts

Everyone should have the safety talk. Whether you are in a high risk industry, working a desk job, or are a frequent business traveller, danger can (and usually does) strike when you least expect it.

Chico Force Sdn Bhd makes danger and safety their business. As a security and protection service provider, they have extensive experience in providing the finest safety and defence training to their security and executive protection personnel, such as their Executive Aide de Camps.

However, this kind of training should not be limited only to those interested to work in the safety and security field.

Their Executive Close Protection Operator course that was recently carried out in Kuantan trained and groomed individuals to become sharp in detecting, avoiding, and dealing with danger and other unpredictable circumstances.

Tapping into the resources and network that the company has already forged, Chico Force has now put together a similar safety and defense course which will be open to the general public soon.

“The skills taught are applicable to a wide number of personnel that could find themselves in potentially threatening situations, such as journalists, politicians, and businessmen,” says chief instructor Mike, a British military veteran flown in from the United Kingdom to lead the two-week long training.

Many of us are in denial that danger could strike us at any point in time. Ask any victim of crime, and they would most likely say something along the lines of “I never thought it would happen to me”.

It is crucial, therefore, that every person takes their safety into their own hands, and learn for themselves how to deal with the very real threats that face us on a daily basis.

For those of you who do not fall in the category of high-risk careers, Mike suggests to observe these five basic safety tips at all times:

1 When walking around town, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Avoid being too focused on your mobile phone.

2 Upon arriving home, take a moment to look out your window and soak up the environment before opening your gates. Look for vehicles you don’t recognise or if there are people in the area who shouldn’t be there. Most attacks happen when you least expect it, especially around the perceived safe zone near your home.

3 Dress for the environment you are in. Do not make yourself a striking target by wearing the latest designer wear and donning flashy accessories if you are only going to the local mamak stall.

4 Change your routine. Unpredictability saves lives in our business. Every now and then, take an alternative route to work or change the days you plan to hit the gym. Such deeds will eliminate yourself as an easy target for crime.

5 Trust your gut. There are numerous occasions where we moved our clients just because something didn’t feel right. Remember, we have to be “lucky” every day. The threats, on the other hand, only have to be “lucky” once. Look after yourself and each other!

Originally published in The Star’s MyStarJob pullout on 4 October, 2014.

For more info on the Executive Aide de Camp positions offered by Chico Force, or to apply, visit

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