Refreshing Your Mind and Soul Through Solitude




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We live in a world where we are engulfed by perspectives, opinions and arguments every single day from every single person we meet. These are akin to colourful darts coming from all angles.

We are either like a sponge that absorbs them, or like glass, which they bounce off. We process them; sometimes they bruise us, sometimes they make us happy.

But most of the time, they form a layer on our souls and we subconsciously harbour them. We do not tackle them.

Then comes the scariest truth – we lack time and energy to deal with them, and very gradually we start losing connection with ourselves. 

Every morning we bathe and wear fresh clothes in order to freshen up. We spend time sipping our warm cup of coffee which we love a tad too much, but do we do anything at all to refresh our minds? The answer is no.

Our souls require due attention too. There are various reasons to do so, such as addressing feelings of being stuck in certain lifestyle, being powerless, or having a deep urge to disentangle ourselves from the burdens of others, or those of our own doing.

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Soup for your soul

Here’s what we can do: allot 10 minutes – only 10 – daily to cleanse our soul from within. Listed below are the steps you can follow in order to achieve the desired state of mind for a joyful day.

1. Secure a cosy corner, one that is as quiet as possible.

2. Have a piece of paper to pen down your thoughts (optional).

3. Allow the magic to flow! Welcome each and every thought that comes and see it through the mind’s window like waves in the ocean. These thoughts can be good, bad or ugly – there’s no judgement here.

However, try not to dwell on the thoughts. This is the most challenging part of this exercise, because it is the most natural human tendency to keep dwelling on certain thoughts. Pen down those sticky thoughts which are hindering the free thoughts to fly like butterflies in a beautiful breeze.

Remember that these free thoughts are like magic – they are happiness, love, strength and dreams. However, they get nibbled by the sticky thoughts, and we need to disconnect them from each other.

Once the sticky thoughts are penned down, we need to address them by asking these questions:

  • Can we change the situation?
  • Can we develop the courage to ignore the matter?
  • Can we eradicate the issue altogether?

If the answer is ‘no’, then we need to accept it as it is. In each and every way, let these shackles go.  

If you can achieve this, your mind, body and soul will smile. That’s the power of solitude. The inner connection that our bodies crave for will naturally start the journey. 

Happiness comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart and peace of soul. We need to allow ourselves that pleasure.

That pleasure is hidden in the soup of your body, through solitude.

The ultimate solution is some solitude soup for your soul.


Amita is a freelance writer who doesn’t just write – through her writing, she delivers messages, hones pitches and adds value. She has 15 years of experience in the financial sector and has covered diverse topics ranging from finance to tourism to art. To engage with her, send us an email at

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