4 Lessons Learnt From Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Sep 07, 2016 2 Min Read

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I’m sure most of us watched the final moments of the Olympic badminton finals between Lee Chong Wei (LCW) and Chen Long, and witnessed the heartbreaking moment when LCW lost. I really felt for him. Even when we were preparing for bed that night, I was still telling my hubby Jamie that I feel LCW’s pain and anguish.

On hindsight, there is so much I have learnt from LCW.

1. Perseverance

It was not an easy journey to go from national player to a world champion. It was not easy to bounce back after the doping incident, a time where LCW said he felt all but his wife shunned him.

Yet he did. And when he returned, he came back with a vengeance – better and stronger. From world rank No. 180 due to suspension, he regained his No. 1 rank, relegating Chen Long to No. 2.

2. No excuses

He fought so gallantly to beat his nemesis Lin Dan at the semi-finals. When he lost his national quest for gold medal to Chen Long at the finals, he apologised for letting his country down. In truth, he did not need to apologise because we could see that he had done his best.

Yet he did. That’s because he wanted to be accountable; he wanted to take responsibility and not give any excuses. He has a victor’s mindset. A winner always takes responsibility and never blame others.

3. A great and worthy competitor

I believe that for LCW and Lin Dan, without one or the other, they would not have been the legendary players they are today. As rivals on the court, they challenged each other, moulded each other, and spurred each other on to become faster, better and stronger. It is often easy for us to diss our competitor. However, it takes an extraordinarily strong and wise person to embrace competition wholeheartedly because they know – our competitors make us better.

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan playing against each other in London Olympics 2012. Photo credit: Antony Stanley | Flickr

4. Humility

Despite being a world champion for so many years, winning so many titles and championships and even being conferred Datukship, LCW has always remain humble and down to earth.

Even though LCW has not won a gold medal at the Olympic, he has won over the hearts of millions many times over with his humility, sportsmanship and perseverance.

Thank you for the inspiration, Datuk Lee Chong Wei!

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