Learning A New Language

Feb 18, 2014 1 Min Read
In a fast moving, constantly changing, ever expanding work environment, we are usually faced with situations that require us to meet and communicate with people from other countries, and travel for work related matters. I must say, Malaysians are very lucky in this respect.  English is a language widely spoken here, and on top of that the various ethnic groups with their own languages establish a sense of multilingualism in the country – most people can speak at least two languages already, if not three or more.
But here is your thought for the week – where could your career take you if those languages you hear in your everyday life were languages you truly master?  What if you were really fluent in Mandarin, or English, or even another language altogether? What if you could be seconded to another office of your company somewhere in Europe? Would you be able to cope with the language obstacles? Would this be something you would be interested in pursuing?  How would it help your career?

Learning a new language, or even mastering a language you vaguely know right now could put you at an advantageous position and lead your career to greater heights. In today’s globalised environment, knowing many languages is a weapon wanted not only by many multinationals, but also local organisations. So, put your free time to good use and open those books once again, this time to learn a skill that can really take you forward – professionally, and also personally – just make sure you choose the right language!

Eva Christodoulou hopes that many more Malaysians see the value of learning a new language – for the benefit of their employer, but even more importantly, their own. Click here to read more articles like this! 

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Eva was formerly the Research & Development leader at Leaderonomics. Prior to that, she was an editor at Leaderonomics.com. Today, she is the Product leader of Happily, an engagement app at Leaderonomics Digital. She believes that everyone can be the leader they would like to be, if they are willing to put in the effort and are curious to learn along the way, as well as with some help from the people around them.

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