Law Of Attraction And Mindfulness

Dec 22, 2017 5 Min Read
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To Expect What You Want, Mindfully Visualise It

The Law of Attraction works like this: If you think of a thought, you will attract similar thoughts to yourself. This law requires us to understand that our thoughts work like magnets and have a certain frequency. Therefore, as you allow certain thoughts to dwell in your mind, it somehow attracts all similar events that are on the same frequency, whether they are negative or positive thoughts.

Expectation is a powerful attractive force of this law. You must learn to expect the things you want and not the things that you don’t want. Every expectation we have is also sending out a certain frequency and it will eventually return to its sender, i.e. you!

To expect what you want, start by visualising it, which is creating images in your mind. In this case, it would be images of yourself enjoying what you want. Powerful thoughts are generated when you visualise, and following the Law of Attraction, these thoughts return a reality to you based on the signals you send into the universe. Are your thoughts in sync with your body? (See Figure 1)

Emotions and energy management

Emotions are valuable tools that instantly tell us what we are thinking. Thoughts determine the frequency we are transmitting. Emotions, on the other hand, tell us what frequency we are on at any point in time.
When you feel bad, you are on the frequency of drawing more unpleasant things. On the contrary, when you feel good, it’s a powerful way of attracting positivity into your life.

These emotions can also be shifted, i.e. meaning you can choose to shift the frequency you are on. Often, if you choose to stay on a negative frequency, that energy can be transferred onto something or someone else subconsciously.

Often, gratitude is used for shifting energies and bringing more of what you want into your life. By being grateful for what you already have, you are more likely to end up attracting pleasant things. The mere fact that we woke up today is already a blessing and we should be thankful for that.

As you start to realise how blessed you are in comparison to those out there, all your challenges will seem minute. You will start to be more positive and come up with solutions for your problems instead of dwelling upon them aimlessly.

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts manifest into events! How do you apply it in leadership, specifically for leading self, and leading others?

Figure 1

1) Leading self

To lead ourselves, we must make sure we are competent and projecting the right leadership qualities first before we are able to lead others effectively. As the saying goes, “The world is your mirror; what you give is what you get.”
If you find that you’re not making much progress in life, it’s highly likely that you’re being constrained by an environment that is not conducive for your growth. This is because people, ideas and resources are often in sync with your dominant thoughts.

If we are grumpy and aggressive and constantly shouting at others, most probably we would be receiving that similar response from the people around us, as what we give is what we get! That’s how it works and will continue to work as such unless you make a change.

Your thoughts, emotions and actions are essential to your leadership journey. When you lead by example, you are showing your team what you want your reality and possibilities to be. In turn, they will be in tuned with your vision; therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that it is a positive vibe.

2) Leading others

Understanding and listening to others is vital in leadership. Once you have listened to them, learn to analyse the issue at hand first. The focus should be on providing viable solutions as opposed to focusing on the challenge itself, as more complications will begin to manifest if we focus on the wrong areas.

In your work or business, let passion lead you to your choices. When you are inspired, others around you will sense it by the way you work, provide guidance, implement ideas and lead. Others will feed off your enthusiasm and this would cause a resonance of the similar energy throughout the team. In return, you will attract that similar energy.

Understandably, being humans, we are sometimes susceptible to negative thoughts and self-doubt. The key here is not to allow those emotions to linger around too long as we actively learn to shift them from the negative to the positive.

By doing that, your intentions will eventually alter your behaviour (actions and words) towards achieving the intended success.

Meditation and mindfulness

The art of meditation is the practice of training the mind to focus on a single point of reference. Here, you may think of meditation as a ‘mind gym’ which functions as a tool for conditioning the mind. It is like how a fitness centre is a place for you to condition your physical body. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

Being in a world full of stimuli means your thoughts are bound to wander off easily. In fact, since the mobile revolution began, results have shown that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds.

With this, we have all the more reasons to practise this art of focusing the mind, so that over time, it would become a habit. You may begin your practice with pockets of 2 minutes of mind focus, 5 times a day. This will add up to 10 minutes of meditation in a day, for a start. For continuous improvement, just add one minute to your ‘pocket-sessions’ every week, and it would eventually become a cumulative one-hour meditation.

Bringing it together

It is highly recommended that we make the Law of Attraction and mindfulness a habit. Note down the steps to take to help you move forward into the new year. Establish these practices as your ‘standard operating procedure’ for life.

It’s normal to experience failure when life doesn’t work out the way you expect it, but with practice, you will soon be more aware of your emotions, and recognise that you have the power to change your thought patterns. Once this becomes a habit, you will begin to see how easy it is to apply this law and reap the fruits of your labour.

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