Labour Of Love

May 01, 2015 1 Min Read


Labour Day, also known as International Worker’s Day, has its origins whereby labour activists fought for eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest.

In Malaysia, it is observed on May 1 as a public holiday, to appreciate workers and celebrate their achievements. The theme for this year is “Pekerja Kreatif, Pencetus Inovasi”, aimed to encourage workers to use their creativity to spark innovation to move with today’s disruptive business environment.

Here are four tips to observe this special day.


1. Refire

In this second quarter of the year, it is good to revisit our written goals set at the beginning of the year and re-evaluate where we are at.

Are we still on track, or have we slacked on what we set ourselves to do? Is our fire still burning, or is it slowly dying? What can you do to rekindle the flame?

Take this day off to rethink your purpose, reignite your passion, and start loving what you do. Stop doing unproductive things that may be preventing you from being your best.


2. Exercise

It is a no-brainer that exercise improves our health and quality of life. According to a Stanford University research, just by taking a simple walk improves our creativity too.

A colleague of mine sometimes goes to the office after her morning gym sessions. I can testify that she always looks raring to take on tasks for the day.

In a conversation with another colleague, she mentioned that exercise helps her sleep better (onto my next point).
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3. Sleep

Sleep is often taken for granted, even though we know it is the time where our body undergoes repair and detoxification.

In an article by Dr Travis Bradberry, he highlighted the dangers of how sleep deprivation affects not only the physical aspects, but also our emotional health too.

By skipping sleep, we catapult our stress levels and impair our brain functions – definitely not a wise move if we want to improve our productivity at work.
This might interest you: Infographic: 10 Practical Ways To Sleep Smarter


4. Thankfulness

Count it a blessing to be working and doing something with your gifts, talents and skills.

Whether you do it for money or passion, or for a higher purpose, learn to be grateful to be given that opportunity to showcase what you have.

By having this attitude of gratitude, your life can be enriched even more.
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In conclusion

A wise ancient king once wrote:

“I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil – this is the gift of God.”

To be able to enjoy the work of your labour is indeed a gift. Accept this gift gracefully. Have a good REST this Labour Day!
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