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By Sarah Tan|08-08-2014 | 3 Min Read
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4 Interview Tips to Help You Ace Your Interview

Fast forward from your graduation. You’ve applied tirelessly for jobs, and finally got a response out of the many applications you sent. After the excitement of getting a reply wears off, the panic sets in. How are you going to prepare for the interview? Fret not. Here are a few interview tips shared by career experts, handpicked from an article by Robert Farrington on Forbes, titled 15 Career Experts Share The Best Interview Tips For College Graduates.

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The reverse interview

Brian Fino, the CEO of Fino Consulting, personally enjoys seeing a genuine interest in his interviews. Candidates who ‘interviewed’ in return gave the impression of being sincerely interested, thus gaining favour in their interviews. There is a limit to how many questions we should ask in an interview, as you want to avoid irritating the interviewer. Keep well informed about the company, and ask questions at appropriate times.

The 30/2 rule

Ang Hui Ming, human resources (HR) expert and COO of Leaderonomics, says that a great rule to have is to keep to a specific time limit in answering your questions. Provide your answers within a minute to a maximum of two minutes, as less than that would appear too rushed, and interviewers may not be able to pay attention for more than that. Remember, most humans have a short attention span. Impressive them with your brevity and levity. Keep it simple, and short and specific. Be very targeted. Have bull's eye transactions in your answers, as Roshan Thiran, Founder of Leaderonomics likes to remind all of us.

Don’t self-deprecate

Nick Salbatera, talent advocate of Hired, advises us not to attempt to be too humble, as we may sound as though we lack confidence instead.
If you do not seem to have confidence in yourself, your interviewer will definitely not have any either. Don’t sing about your accomplishments, but don’t talk down your abilities. If you are asked about an achievement, explain clearly and honestly how you have achieved it and how you feel about it.

Be passionate

Eric Beecher, sales director for Hatch Staffing Services, looks for passion in his interviews. Nobody wants a skilled worker who has no interest in his/her job. Feel free to speak about the things that you are passionate about, be it a hobby or a job. As a fresh graduate, your passion will definitely make up for your lack of experience, therefore attracting your interviewer. Keep these tips in mind before going to your next interview. Remember: be confident, prepared, and passionate.

I do hope you enjoyed this quick interview tips.Do leverage these interview tips fully. All the best!

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