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Compiled by NINA TI

1. Fishing for clues

Shark goldfish thumbnail

Reading Are You A Shark Or A Goldfish, I feel that we sometimes have no choice to decide to become a shark or a goldfish because the characteristics are naturally wired in us. We just need to learn how to adapt ourselves to different scenarios.

Being a shark has its advantages. It has its strong long tail that allows it to swim away fast. It also has sharp teeth to protect itself from harm. A shark can become aggressive and attacks when it feels threatened.

Compare this with a goldfish – small in size and with a short, beautiful tail. It is gentle in nature and doesn’t actively search for food because the owner feeds it. It lives in a rather secure environment in an aquarium, with its grace and beauty appreciated by the owner.

The analogy of the two fish is similar to our workplace.

Those who are passive (goldfish) rarely climb up the corporate ladder. Bosses over such employees either usually appreciate their work, or they take advantage of their submissive nature to overwork them.
On the other hand, those who are seen as proactive (shark) are the ones who usually get promoted.
Above are just my thoughts and opinions about the article. Hope it doesn’t offend the writer in any way.


2. Into the fire

Banker to chef thumbnail

The article From Banker to Chef, One Man’s Daring Plunge struck a chord with me. I have had a similar interest, but I never got the chance to study culinary arts. I could not take up this course previously, as it was assumed that the career pathway would be too rigid. However, deep inside I still have the passion to learn culinary skills.

Reading this article, a few queries crossed my mind:
Does the writer have plans to further pursue his career in this new field of culinary arts, and never return to working in a bank?

I major in Management and Marketing but if someone like me were to pursue this type of career, this person will need to prepare mentally, physically and financially as well because he (or she) may need to start from scratch.

I have had some trial experiences working in a bakery only as a cashier staff, a little in the kitchen, helping to prepare simple breakfast at a small boutique hotel and manning a takeaway shop.

I hope to find the determination, just like the writer has, to take on this course and experience a total career change.
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 2 May 2015

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