Editor’s Note: Of Finding The One (Job) You Love

May 01, 2015 1 Min Read


Labour Day may be celebrated on different days around the world but it recognises everyone who contributes to society, their families and the economy in their own ways.

This year’s theme being “Healthy Workers, Higher Productivity”, it is fitting that Brian Fielkow stresses the importance of health and wellness at the workplace.

Beyond that, he gives concrete examples of how he is transforming his own company – from having healthy options during work lunches to finding wellness opinion leaders from within – leaders who would be given an opportunity to lead in areas they may never have expected to at work.

The thread that has run through many a story in our pullout is finding a job we are passionate about – indeed if we are passionate about work, is it really “work”? Freda Liu shares her experience of focusing on her calling, as opposed to her call of duty.

Some of us find our calling early – as in the case of our comic artist who has been drawing since the age of five. In this week’s A Day in the Life, Lim Lay Hsuan shares the trials and tribulations of Ernest Ng.

In person and through his writings, Marcus Lim has a knack for connecting with youth. On the topic of self-evaluation, it is clear that not only do young people need to occasionally take stock of where they are, but so do all of us on our separate, and at times intersecting journeys to fulfilling our true potential.

Transitioning from school to work is certainly a big step in that journey, and we share innovative programmes aimed at enhancing communication between industry and academia in order to better equip our students with the right skills before graduation.

And as graduation draws near, the desire to find a job that matches our needs and goals in life certainly come into full focus fairly rapidly!

I hope you and your loved ones have a lovely Labour Day weekend. Let’s not forget the people who work at home – the moms, dads, grandparents, and extended family helping to care for our little oasis from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

Keep in mind the people who work in our country, away from their own homes – especially our Nepalese brothers and sisters who must be worried sick about their families struck by the earthquake. And the people who just can’t take Labour Day or any day off because they are toiling under despicable circumstances – trafficked, bonded labour. Child labour.

Let us keep them in our thoughts and prayers – and when given the opportunity, help to alleviate their woes.

Onward, upward!


Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 2 May 2015

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