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Roshan Thiran


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Question to “Ask Roshan”

I’m just a fresh graduate just getting into the workforce. What advice would you give?

Excerpt from Roshan’s answer

To me, those who really stand out are those who can execute tasks exceptionally well. These are the ones who can deliver their commitments and really do what they say they will do. You will also get noticed when you go above and beyond to do your work. Be a giving person; always making yourself available to help others wherever possible. The more you help others become successful, the more you will attain success too.

Watch this video for his full response:

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Roshan has written more than 200 great articles on leadership. This newly developed TV segment called “Ask Roshan” came about when Matt Naylor, Hafiz Hori & Roshan Thiran were travelling to Johor for a gig with Citibank. During the drive over, Matt set up Facebook Live and took questions from everyone via Facebook to Roshan who spontaneously answered them. This resulted in hundreds of questions popping up and getting live answers from Roshan and even some of the Citibank leaders, including their CEO, Lee Lung Nien. Back at the office, Matt and the Leaderonomics TV team decided to continue to surprise Roshan from time to time to get him to spontaneously answer questions from folks all over the world.

This episode is especially pertinent if you have just finished university or schooling and you are keen to learn about the world.


Be sure to drop your questions in the comments below and we’ll try our best to get Roshan to answer them in the next episode! Follow him directly on Facebook for more questions and answers. To follow with him on LinkedIn, go to:

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