7 Powerful Ways To Get Out Of A Rut

Apr 07, 2017 2 Min Read
Powerful Strategies You Can Put To Use Now

Law #1 Stop spinning your tires

The first law of the rut is the most important. When you’re stuck, the more you spin your tires, the more stuck you become. To get unstuck, first stop doing things that got you stuck. If possible, take time off for reflection.

What old dream needs to die?

Law #2 Stop lying to yourself

Your choices got you into this mud hole. Blame prolongs ‘stuckness’. An excuse is a fabricated reason for why it’s okay to stay the same.

The first responsibility is taking responsibility for yourself.

Law #3 Reflect on patterns

Do relationships often end in the same place?

Are you persistently unhappy about the same thing?

Have you dropped the ball in the same way, repeatedly?

What patterns need to change?

Law #4 Find someone who will tell you the unvarnished truth

If you’re stuck, you’re listening to coddlers and ignoring confronters. The things that change us often hurt.

What are you afraid to let go?

Law #5 Ask yourself who you want to become

If you’re stuck and happy, stop reading right now. Go play in the mud. But, if you’re unhappy, think about who you want to become.

The only way to get unstuck is to grow out of it by adopting new behaviours.

Law #6 Define life in terms of contribution

Credentials are nice, but contribution is better. Where is your greatest contribution to people? Do more of that.

What did you do last week that made life better for others?

Think about making a difference where you are. Put the idea of changing the world on the back burner.

Just make a difference – in small ways – now.

Law #7 Try stuff

See what you enjoy. Adopt the good. Reject the bad.

stuck, rut

What helps leaders get unstuck?

What laws of the rut might you add?

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