5 Tips To Manage Conflict




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Managing conflict is always tough. Some of us avoid it until one day it just explodes, and personal and professional relationships can be damaged.

We have to learn how to deal with it instead of running away from it because conflicts provide an opportunity to strengthen bonds with one another.

Let’s look at how we can manage conflict better.

1. Don’t avoid it

Conflict especially in the workplace won’t go away just by ignoring it. Tensions start to build up and respect for each other slowly starts to lessen. Deal with it as soon as possible.

2. Find the source

What is the source of this conflict? When did it start? Questions like these will help you resolve the conflict better so that you can address it immediately. Dig deep and share concerns and frustrations with each other.

3. Find a solution

Be willing to cooperate with each other to find a solution to the conflict. We all have different opinions and ideas so in order to resolve the issue, there needs to be a common ground where everyone can agree on. Both parties need to compromise to move forward from this.

4. Keep Calm

Don’t explode or show your temper. Stay as calm as you possibly can. Take deep breaths to release your frustration.

5. Be willing to listen

Listen and understand the other side of the story before defending yourself. Observe the feelings and spoken words being expressed to understand the other party.

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