4 Ways To Introduce Yourself

Nov 14, 2013 1 Min Read
Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself Well and Grow Your Impact and Influence

How do you introduce yourself? Whether you’re attending a networking event or have just started a new role, the way you present yourself to others is important. After all, people make up their minds about others within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. Ensure those first 30 seconds are well-spent with these four tips:

1. Keep it short and sweet

Brief introductions are always best. If you share everything at once, there’ll be no conversation to follow. Start with a smile and share only the bare essentials initially; by doing this, you’ll allow the chat to flow much more naturally, as each person asks questions to learn more about the other.

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2. There’s a time and a place

If you’re attending an event specifically for graduates, it is fine to say, “Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m an accounting grad.” If you are meeting your interviewer for the first time, stick to “Hi, I’m Rebecca, so nice to meet you.” Remember to keep your introduction in context with the setting.


3. Be a good listener

The person you are meeting is the only person that matters. Ask him or her questions, and really listen to his or her answers. Smile and maintain good eye contact. Not only will you learn more about them, they will appreciate your good manners – the best connections with others always come from listening.

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4. Embrace humility

Unless someone specifically asks about your university results, it’s best to keep your high distinction average to yourself. Even if you were the highest performer in your final year at university, just say you studied there. Give people something to ask you about – they will be more impressed with facts like these if they learn about them through the course of the conversation. It’s natural to be a little nervous when meeting people for the first time, but follow these tips and you can be sure you’ll make a great impression at any event.

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This article is courtesy of CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies. They provide career insights for students at www.thenakedceo.com as part of The Naked CEO initiative spearheaded by their chief executive Alex Malley. Click here for more articles.

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