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Leaderonomics Campus’ Programmes Help Enhance Graduates’ Employability

The younger generations, namely the millennials and Generation Z are slowly taking over the workforce of today and the future, replacing the previous generations.

There are gaps to be filled and working expectations that differ from one generation to another. As such, Leaderonomics Campus is founded to help enhance graduates’ employability and assist these young professionals to perform well at work.

Leaderonomics Campus aspires to have these young people acquire good soft skills and survival skills that can be culled through their own life experiences. To date, we have impacted thousands of local graduates across public and private universities, some in collaborations with industry players who are investing in future talents.

Impactful learning modules

Our learning modules comprise of essential topics for graduates like communication, leadership, work performance and portfolio building, to name a few.

Carried out in an experiential manner, our learning modules are also delivered in the forms of workshops and simulations. When designing these modules, we look at the key competencies required in the job market today, based on employers’ surveys.

Some of the key competencies that are included in the module are critical thinking, business acumen and communication skills.

The simulations are designed in such a way that participants are required to play their roles in designated situations so they will respond in accordance to what is required based on their competency levels.

The programmes are delivered by esteemed faculty members who have a range of experience across various industries. We believe in engaging sessions where while trainers are sharing their knowledge and wisdom, the participants (graduate) are carrying out activities during the session to maximise their learning.

Not only are our simulations are designed to enhance learning, they also act as an avenue for assessments like scholarship screening and management trainee programmes. We have assessment tools that are aligned with the simulation to help scholarship sponsors and employers in selecting the best talent.

enhance graduates employability

Participants’ testimonials

Graduates who have been part of our programmes have not only gained good knowledge in shaping skills through their life experiences, they’ve also picked up important skills like networking, time management and conflict resolution. Here’s what they learned:

Leaderonomics’ learning sessions are highly engaging and contextually relevant. The mentors and facilitators give solid advice on how to tackle difficult problems and relate it back to real-life scenarios. I learnt how to work better under pressure of expectations and time. I also learnt to prioritise my responsibilities better which helps me in managing time. —Andrew Chin

I had two business simulations with Leaderonomics that required us to cooperate with our teammates although we had different opinions and at the same time put our critical magic hat to solve conflicts. These sessions helped in enhancing my soft skills such as communication, critical thinking and team work to support my technical knowledge.        —Aina Syahirah Mohd Mokhtar

We were given freedom to express ourselves. The speakers are absolutely brilliant and very knowledgeable. I was mentally tired as there were many critical thinking activities that were involved but in the end, it was a fun learning experience. It certainly boosted my confidence level. I was able to react and respond quickly when given certain tasks or even when I was asked for an opinion. This learning experience helped me to develop my networking skills as well. —Gopinath Tevar

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