Kate Sweetman's Reponse To The Reinvention Of Organisations

Aug 22, 2016 1 Min Read
Kate Sweetman, Leaderonomics Show

Change happens from all directions these days. In the world of business, politics, environment, technology and human resources, you see an accelerated wave of change that we don’t know what is coming up next anymore.

It can therefore be an overwhelming challenge for today’s leaders to lead in such tumultuous times and anticipate change, as well as adapt to it quickly.
So, what does it mean to reinvent ourselves and our organisation?

Kate Sweetman, founding principal and chief client officer of SweetmanCragun and former editor of Harvard Business Review, shares on reinvention and being ahead of situations before change actually knocks on our doors.

Check out the video below on the interview with Kate Sweetman on the Leaderonomics Show!

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