The Leaderonomics Show: ‘Think With Your Head, Decide With Your Heart’, Says Ameer Ali Mydin

Sep 29, 2016 1 Min Read

Mydin is a homegrown Malaysian chain of hypermarkets, supermarkets and emporiums. ‘Why Pay More?’ is Mydin’s tagline due to its affordability without compromise on quality. Above all, Mydin operates its business based on halal concepts and stresses on honesty, sincerity and good discipline in all aspects of its business.

Mydin is where it is today because of the founder’s and the leaders’ great business acumen. This is an incredible Malaysian success story which will inspire you in entrepreneurship.

We were blessed to interview one of the key leaders of the Mydin business some time ago. Here are some key lessons from Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin, the managing director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd:

  • Always stay focus in your business. Work hard and do what you love to do.
  • Practise integrity. Be honest in what you do. Help others sincerely and you will be rewarded eventually.
  • Adapt your leadership style according to times and seasons. Where top-down approach used to work, with young millennials, work on influencing than micromanaging them.
  • Respect and be mindful of time. Discipline yourself with structures and be meticulous. Retail is about the details.
  • Even after your success, don’t let arrogance kick in. Never underestimate the competitors around you.
  • As leaders, think with your head but decide with your heart.
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