The Leaderonomics Show: “You Become What You Want To Become,” Says Muru Annamalai




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Muru Annamalai, AbbVie head of commercial, international (LA, EEMEA, JAPAC), reminisces his childhood and credited his mother for the priceless life experiences he went through as a child, i.e. lifetime experiences that cannot be taught from our education system.

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Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  • To achieve significance and sustainable success, be honest and ask ourselves, “What’s my end game?”
  • Marketing is the art of creating a dream and making it come alive.
  • Know your secure bases. Go explore and have little adventures in your career, but ensure you have a back-up plan and something you can fall back on.
  • Leadership is all about creating energy and moving people by emotions.
  • We have many inspiring people who have contributed in many big ways, but their stories remained untold. We need to learn from our Western counterparts to be better storytellers.


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