Doing Three Internships in the Same Organisation

Apr 13, 2020 1 Min Read
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Three Internships at Leaderonomics

with Ethan Ganes

In episode one, hosts Benjamin Wong and Kathleen Tan; internship supervisors at Leaderonomics, interview Ethan Ganes; Vinda Leadership Apprentice (HR), and three-time superintern at Leaderonomics. Featuring for the first time in this podcast series, Ethan shares the reason behind his decision to do three separate internships with the same organisation, and what he gained from the experience.

“If you do not take care of yourself at all, you cannot take care of others.
When you can’t take care of others, you ruin their experience.”

Guest featured, Ethan Ganes

Ethan posing like Jason Mamoa during our SPARK Leadership Camp, in December 2018

Guest featured, Ethan Ganes Three Internships with Leaderonomics

Ethan facilitating different sessions during our Youth Leadership Camp, in December 2017

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After the break, Ethan gets his chance to ask both Ben and Kat several questions as the tables are turned. Find out if they have the answers, with one of them on how it’s like to manage the internship of an intern.

Read one of Ethan’s articles here: Learn From a Fish out of Water

The Intern Show, is a podcast series featuring past, present and future interns as we hear the perspective that often gets neglected and brushed off as invalid or privileged. We believe that your internship is not just an internship, it really matters.

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Ethan is passionate about meeting and understanding people. Filled with a strong sense of wonder and curiosity, to him challenges are only learning opportunities. Allergic to half the planet, he has learned to look for the silver lining in every dish life brings him.

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