Sustainable Impact Through Fashion

Mar 23, 2020 1 Min Read

A Fashion Social Enterprise

with Pamela Mejia

In episode one, host Kim Lim; Co-founder and CEO of PichaEats, interviews Pamela Mejia; Founder of Phinix Textile Recycling, a fashion social enterprise that aims for the triple bottom line – planet, people, and profit.

Find out how Pamela got into fashion and founded Phinix despite having a completely different career path already set in motion. Kim caught up with Pamela in Ethiopia during the Social Entrepreneurship World Forum 2019.

Even if we have all the best ideas, and the best products and the best social
enterprise we can think of, if it’s not yet your time to breakthrough, it will not happen.

Kim Lim and Pamela Mejia; Founder of Phinix Textile Recycling, a fashion social enterprise

Kim and Pamela in Ethiopia for the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2019

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Futuristic Enterprise is a podcast series brought to you by Leaderonomics FM, in collaboration with PichaEats on sustainable enterprises. Hear from Founders and CEOs from around the world as they share their life-changing stories and socially conscious business models that contribute to the goodness and sustainability of the future.

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