A Sustainable Solution for Thai Farmers

Jun 01, 2020 2 Min Read
A Farmers Problem Solved with Neil Peetachai

In episode four, host Kim Lim, Co-founder and CEO of PichaEats, interviews Neil Peetachai Dejkraisak, Co-founder and CEO of Siam Organic Co., Ltd, a social enterprise established with a mission to alleviate the problem of poverty among Thai farmers. Neil, a proud social entrepreneur acknowledges the importance for each and everyone of us to try and solve problems that go unnoticed.

Founded in 2011, Neil has gone through terrible lows from not having enough money in the bank to pay his employees salaries to incredible highs such as being the only enterprise in Thailand to receive B corp certification. Through the implementation of smart farming practices, Siam Organic significantly contributes to farmers' income growth, collaborating with more than 1,000 small-scale farmer households in the Northeastern part of Thailand.

A huge difference made in the lives of so many farmers; it is almost impossible to think of what would have happened if Neil did not overcome his biggest personal setback.

“I was hospitalised for stress and my body failed me. It was scary because I thought I was going to die.”

Neil Peetachai on Mental Health and Wellness as a Social Entrepreneur

Photo Credit: MIT Sloan – Sasin Action Learning Conference

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