Raise Your Game: Success Circuit Episode 3

Oct 11, 2013 1 Min Read

Stand up and be counted, you savvy lady you! Actually Lily Cheah, editor of mystarjob.com/careerguide will tell you that standing makes you smarter! But if you really want to stand out at work, release your inner Spiderwoman and learn how to fend off vampires at the office. Catch you next Tuesday at 6pm for more on YOU: being awesome at work! – See more at: http://www.capitalfm.com.my/podcast/podcast-success-circuit-episode-3/#sthash.wqQMCUwm.dpuf




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Lily Cheah is a former head of Enterprise at Leaderonomics. Prior to that role, she was editor of www.leaderonomics.com (Ldotcom) and also was part of a special projects team in Leaderonomics. She believes that small details play a big part in huge successes, including always explaining “why”. She is a senior leader in HR today.

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