Raise Your Game: Secrets Of Leadership

Jul 30, 2012 1 Min Read

Sheela Chandran shares some of the traits of an outstanding leader:

  • Must be thinking big (How his/her employees are going to grow or how the stakeholders are going to benefit from his/her visions)
  • Must be able to stand firm against criticism
  • Must be inspirational (If you don’t have the desire to inspire people, you won’t be able to motivate them)
  • Must be able to take responsibility

Also, when you are focused, you will be able to focus on the strengths of your people and the development of your company. Sadly (according to Sheela), some employees have different ideas on the mission and vision set up by their organisational CEOs. CEOs must be able to communicate their mission and vision to ensure that both are excellently met and understood by their people.

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