MY ASEAN Internship: Opportunity To Intern With Digi

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Named one of Forbes’ 100 world’s most innovative companies, Digi is well known for its lively and dynamic working culture and environment which makes it one of the favourite choices for employees, especially the younger generation.

As one of the participating organisations for the innovative MY ASEAN Internship programme, Digi will be giving Malaysians the opportunity to intern in Telenor Group’s business units in Thailand as well as welcoming Asean nationals to intern at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Haroon Bhatti, chief human resources officer said that Digi’s priority is to give the interns an amazing experience filled with meaningful work and inspiring encounters that they can take away with them.

Each intern will be paired with a senior leader (second only to Digi’s seven management team members) to whom they will report. Haroon said that they are preparing their leaders for the programme as well. The designated senior leaders are expected to not only act as a managing superior, but to also play the role of mentor.

Haroon says:

“Asean represents a very unique and different kind of potential. People want to be part of this energy and exciting phase of growth. If there’s any part of the world where anyone needs to be, it’s here.”

What to expect from this internship

Interns who are selected for the MY ASEAN Internship with Digi will be exposed to a wide range of diverse and relevant opportunities. Some of the exciting projects lined up include:

  1. Digital services: Customer centricity

    Interns will observe and learn from cutting edge digital services. They will also be involved in conducting focus groups and analytics to understand customer needs and help improve and define the important milestones in a customer’s journey with Digi.

  2. Employer branding: Let’s inspire

    In the same way Digi seeks to bring people together, connecting and sharing to inspire, interns will acquire a deep understanding of the next generation employees who will work with Digi, and to develop and execute strategies to attract them.

  3. Health, safety, security and environment

    This is a subject matter high on Digi’s agenda, that goes beyond the employee base and extends to all levels of the supply chain. In this respect, interns will be trained and groomed for their role in uncovering opportunities and issues, conducting analyses and working on solutions related to this area.

  4. Building winning retail model

    Interns will experience how the organisation reinvents its sales and distribution strategy. Opportunities will include conducting analyses of stores and strategising on the kind of quality individuals and services brought in to enhance the overall retail and customer experience. This project includes on-the-job experience at Digi’s sister operations in Thailand.

Interns will also be given the opportunity to present at board meetings to gain first hand exposure on the robustness of discussion that happens before a decision is made at Digi.

Regular engagement with their interns will allow mentors to share their personal leadership journeys and gauging and guiding their development along the way, provide them a broader development and opportunity perspective in their own expertise and space.

Interns will be encouraged to write and share their own personal stories and lessons learned throughout their journeys.

Haroon Bhatti

“We’re looking for people who when failure faces them, learn from it, get up, dust themselves off, and start running; people who are not afraid of making mistakes, but love to run fast.” – Haroon Bhatti, chief human resource officer

Animesh Mukherjee

“To the right kind of person who is internally driven, possesses a ‘can-do’ attitude, willing to run towards a problem, they will find this internship a particularly unique platform to absorb and learn.” – Animesh Mukherjee, head of human resource centre of expertise

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 14 March 2015

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